Labh Projects Pvt. Ltd
Company Profile
Who Are We?

We believe to empower, innovate, transform and excel. 

For the last three decades, we Labh Group have outshined in converting businesses and authorizing the lives of million people all around the world. We are known as a global leader that provides best quality industrial products to several industries. We have been profitable for the start-ups as well as multinationals across the globe.

Vesting businesses for an improved world

With the assistance of rigorous quality control protocols and advanced engineering facilities, we make world class products for the clients waiting for us across the globe. Together, with our clienteles and associates, we transform industries and enable uplifted economies and cultures. Besides, we strive hard to conserve the environment. People from all corners of the globe get help vastly by products and services provided by LABH.

Labh DNA

Deciphering our existence

We have many vital characteristics, which make us unique, innovative, identifiable and never changing. Those attributes allow us to hold a strong foothold in different sectors. We work hard for our existence and values.

Labh Essence 

Assistances in abundance, advantages to all! 

Labh is a true display of its DNA. As the name indicates that it is a favorable ancient Sanskrit word the meaning of which is “Benefits…Benefits in great quantity”. The name “Labh” truthfully imitates our DNA. It abridges our purpose and ethics in one word. 

Innovation and research 

At Labh Group, we unceasingly inspire a setting that promotes exploration. We have an incessant urge to sustain with the developing technologies and tendencies. We take our time to comprehend the novel market trend. Accordingly, we change solutions and stand up as the foremost in the market. Our adaptation to the technologies and trends is a driving force that enables us to attain a futuristic growth for ourselves and our valued customers. We attain excellence through originality and knowledge.

Corporate Citizenship

We do know our charge towards the world and this is much more beyond social and economic responsibilities. It is our sense of accountability and answerability that makes us the best. We obey all communities and the world so as to attain a supportable future. As an organization, we follow ethical, accountable entrepreneurial and sustainable practices. This is our foremost corporate strategy. We have commitment to serve as a liable corporate that understands all facets of the commercial and beyond. 

We are working hard to make the earth a better world and a better planet each and every day. 

Labh Foundation

A benevolent edge of Labh Group

Labh Foundation is noted as a government enumerated and philanthropic foundation, endeavoring to aid individuals get to their full potential. We help the communities and families to thrive and flourish through a variability of ground-breaking projects. We are in contact with a wide array of charitable organizations. 

Run by Mr. Sunit Hapani & Mrs. Ami Hapani, we were established in the year 2010. Since that time, we have the purpose of empowering lives and raising the world. Our efforts have improved the lives of many people in more than 20 nations. We do make laborious efforts to reap the supreme desired outcome. The energy and resources employed by us make us run a sustainable charity that spreads contentment and ecstasy all around. 

The main areas of our focus are:

1) Project Empowering Women
2) Project Empowering Specially Abled People (SAP) 
3) Project Empowering Children
4) Project Empowering Africa
5) Project Empowering Senior Citizens

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