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Printed Folding Carton Box For Packaging
Our company offers a Printed Folding Carton Box For Packaging collection that is used by the food, pharmaceutical and other industries to pack the final products with safety and perfection. These boxes are crafted from corrugated boards of ideal thickness, density, and weight.
Plastic Packaging Tubes
The offered Plastic Packaging Tubes are used by the food, chemical, paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries to fill liquid or semi-liquid materials. These tubes are made from flexible yet stronger and chemical-resistant plastic materials. They are available in distinctive sizes, capacities, designs, and shapes to fulfill varied packaging needs.
Aluminium Packaging Tubes
The delivered Aluminium Packaging Tubes are used in the paint, cosmetic, adhesive, pharmaceutical, and other industries to pack paste-like materials. These tubes help the filled materials to retain their expected shelf life. They also hinder the outer contaminants to react with the filled paste or liquid materials.
Packaging Containers
LABH PROJECTS PVT. LTD. supplies Packaging Containers that are available in different capacities, specifications, and materials. These containers are used for packaging solid, semi-solid, and liquid materials, preventing contamination, spillage, or other damages. They should be ordered in bulk to procure them.
Paper Bags & Other Paper Products
Our company promotes eco-friendly bulk packaging by providing the Indian industries with Paper Bags and Other Paper Products. These are used to store light-weight, perishable, and non-perishables items. They can be procured in single or multiple ply papers for improved strength, longevity, and unmatched resistance.
In Mould Label Plastic Packaging Container
The offered In Mould Label Plastic Packaging Containers are used for packaging ice-creams, cheese, cottage cheese, cold coffee, and similar products. These containers are resistant against high and low temperatures, making them versatile for varied packaging applications. They can be printed with high resolution texts, logos, images, and other details.
Glass Bottles for Packaging
Glass is the most preferred packaging material because it does not absorb liquids or react with most materials. Therefore, our company provides Glass Bottles for Packaging that are used in the food, cosmetic, perfume, pharmaceutical, beverage, and similar industries for diversified liquid packaging needs.
Pharmaceutical Medicine Packaging Materials
LABH PROJECTS PVT. LTD. addresses the packaging needs of almost all industries. Hence, the company providers Pharmaceutical Medicine Packaging Materials that are extensively used in the medical industry. These materials are used to pack injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, and other formulations.
Bulk Packing Bags And Containers
Our company takes pride in delivering Bulk Packing Bags And Containers collection that include plastic packing drum, galvanized packaging drum, epoxy coated packing drum, and many other variants. These containers and bags are generally found in almost all industries to pack bulk materials without hampering their shelf life.
Metal Wires & Mesh Products
Our company is delivering Metal Wires and Mesh Products that are often used in the automobile, metal, electronic, electrical, aerospace, mechanical, and other industries. These products are available in stainless steel, mild steel, nickel alloy, galvanized, and other metals to ensure they last decades without any damages.

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